About Zaha E-Stock

Zaha E-Stock was launched to attract investment in five major Zaha products in Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Canada, South Korea and Japan. Priority the countries which accepted the legality in operating the applications on 4.0 technology platforms such as blockchain, smart-contract. The project has operated in Vietnam since March 2017.

  • Cooperated with another company to issue E-Stock in Australia with the aim of expanding and developing the Eco-system of Zaha oversea. 
  • Launched Zaha taxi application (the first taxi application uses blockchain technology to book a car).
  • Launched Zaha Mart – smart market purchasing application.
  • Launched Zaha Gift Social Network app.
  • Bring the enterprise’s value up to billions USD; create a favorable and convenient social network which proudly from a Vietnam technology brand to international market.

Release date from: 01/10/2018

Time remaining:
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Number of issued shares

  • 4,9 billion
  • 0.03$ Price 01

What is E-Stock?

E-Stock is a type of asset investment under the form of equity contributions to a company aiming to increase profits. It is launched, traded and managed within the platform of Blockchain technology.

  • High security
  • Free, unlimited trading
  • Fast, convenient trading

Blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology: Blockchain– is a public ledger recording balance and transaction history of all accounts operated within its trading chain.

Cost-saving is the most obvious advantages of this Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). DLT systems make it possible for businesses and banks to streamline their internal operations, significantly reducing the expenses, mistakes, and delays caused by traditional methods for reconciliation of records.

High security is considered one of the major advantages with Blockchain technology. It is almost impossible to corrupt or adjust a blockchain because information is continually shared and reconciled by millions of computers within the network. If one computer goes down, it is not a problem because all the other computers have a copy of the general ledger.


Leadership team

Mr. Luong Ngoc Hoang

  • Chairman of the Board – General Director co-founded Smart Think Technology Joint Stock Company.
  • Former General Director of Viet Communication Education.
  • More than 10 years of experience in human development and training.
  • Author – Director of film “Desire of childhood”.

Mr. Do Xuan Que

  • Deputy General Director of Smart Think Technology Joint Stock Company.
  • More than 10 years of experience in domestic and international trainers – speakers.
  • Power Transmission Expert.
  • Consultant and build business strategy.

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan

  • Deputy General Director of Smart Think Technology Joint Stock Company.
  • 6 years experience in CEO training business.

Mr. Nguyen Van Dung

  • Project Manager of Smart Think Joint stock Company.
  • 8 years experience in the field of Information Technology for domestic and foreign projects.
  • Formerly Software Developer of FPT, NTT Data.
  • Specialist in software development for commercial, logistic, medical …

Mr. Tran Si Viet

  • Marketing Director of Smart Think Joint stock Company.
  • Architect.
  • 8 years of experience in Finance.
  • 10 years of experience in Marketing.
  • Human Development and Finance Specialist.

... and some activities of the company over time:

Allocate tokens

  • 51% in the total 10 billions E-Stock is public issued at the first stage. Equal with 5.1 billions E-Stock.
  • 10% for Management and Supervisor Board. Equal with 1 billion E-Stock (keeping at least 2 years before trading).
  • 39% on hold for the second stage. Keeping 2 years before launched.

Investment allocation for items

  • 20% for technical development
  • 2% for system maintenance
  • 50% for marketing to expand overseas market
  • 28% for community development

Allocation of project development

  • $ 20 million
  • $ 10 million
  • $ 5 million
  • $ 17,9 million
  • Investing in a common brand Invest $ 20 million for the generic brand
  • Invest in ZAHA Mart Invest $ 10 million for ZAHA Mart
  • Invest in ZAHA Taxi Invest $ 5 million for ZAHA Taxi
  • Invest in ZAHA Gift Invest $ 17.9 million for ZAHA Gift

The interests of investors

Benefit shared (get the benefit shared from company’s profit) quarterly base on the investor’s keeping E-Stock. There’re financial audit to assure the accurate.

Have a chance to transfer the E-Stock into ordinary stock when company officially float to Stock exchange.  Planning in the year 2021

In case the investors want to sell E-stock, the company commits to buying those with the rate of 18%/year and with the issuance prize at the lowest.

Development Process


Inaugurated the Smart Think Technology Joint Stock Company


Training group of Sales Manager nationwide at Khoang Xanh Resort



Master Thich Chan Quang, the abbot of  Thien Ton Phat Quang visited and preached the Buddhism in the company 

Press conference to launch the Sucasu – Bonus point accumulation application


Sale staff training course in northern-central-southern of Vietnam

The program “Searching for future training master” – 1st course at FLC resort 5 * Quy Nhon

The program “Searching for future training master” – the 2nd course at Vinpearl Nha Trang


Sponsors of the program “Meaning teammates” broadcast on VTV1


  • Vietnam “Tinh hoa dat Viet” magazine rewarded as an “Enterprise start-up well & Vietnam Prestige Brand in 2017”
  • Veterans Affairs Office of the Office of the National Assembly honors Smart Think Technology Corporation
  • ASEAN 50 Philippines 2017: ASEAN Business Prize for ASEAN Investment and Business Conference 2017
  • Received Excellent Brand Award 2017
  • Top 10 trusted brands, quality service products dedicated 2017 


Sponsor for “Xuan Phat Tai 8” program

Signed memorandum of cooperation with Philippine partners

Meeting on technology concept between enterprises and service shops 

Sales staff training course at the 6th time

Organizing the program “Thinking Successfully from Technology 4.0”

Organized the program “Strategic for Human Resource at high level”

The program “Gratitude to customer”

The program “Client strategy” 


The program “Starting from penniless”

The “Professional Customer support” program


Sponsor the 2018 Beauty Master Program of SJ Korea Corporation in Saigon 


Tourism & Training Program in Nanning, China

Sale staff training course at the 7th time

The “Professional Customer Support” program


The “Advanced HR Management Strategy” program

“SUCCESS RATE OF PEACE” Team-building & Training program in Khoang Xanh Resort


Project Progress


Complete the applications: Zaha Smart Solution and Zaha Bonus points accumulation. 


Cooperate with another company to issue E-Stock in Australia with the target of developing international markets, especially for the countries which accepted the legality of BTC, ETH.


Zaha Taxi app launches, integrates with Sucasu Consumer Point app. Rent at 300.000d / month / drive and deploy supermarkets selling at home through purchase with QR code 



Complete the purchase application for supermarkets 


Complete basically the application Zaha Gift

Bringing company’s value up to $ 1 billion; creating a big social network in Vietnam and reaching out internationally